Please follow the below steps to set printer to user.

Please enter URL of your website e.g.

It will show you login to APMC management window.

Enter your user name & password, click on login.

The next step show select company window , where you have to select company , location ,Fin. year & click on okay button.

The company dashboard will show ,click on masters ,it will show masters list ,click on Users.

The window will show list of users, select user for which the printer has to set.

Click on edit button. It will show which printer selected for invoice, receipt and general .

To change or set printer enter F1 key & select printer from list.

If you want to add new printer ,go to printer settings , edit printer processor, enter printer name & click on add.

Above added printer in printer process module are used in invoice,receipt & general printer.

Press F1 key , select printer from drop-down list and enter enter key.

Click on save button.