The Double Antigen Sandwich ELISA

Posted by anna onApril 14, 2022 

The double antigen sandwich ELISA has become a common method for measuring a single protein in the blood. Despite its popularity, double-antigen sandwich ELISA is not as simple as it sounds. This procedure involves two separate antigens, one of which is used as the capture antibody and the other as the detecting antibody. As the name suggests, the two antigens are sandwiched together in the ELISA reagent.

The double-antigen sandwich ELISA can detect antibodies to the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus. This method has been validated by researchers. The sensitivity and specificity of this technique is superior to that of the indirect ELISA. It can detect a specific protein within a few hours of a patient's blood sample. This method has many advantages. It has high sensitivity and low cost, and it is particularly convenient for routine testing. And an ELISA washer is often needed after detection to clean the residues on the plate.

A polyclonal antibody is used as the capture antibody for a double-antigen sandwich ELISA. This antibody offers optimal trap rates for B. cereus, and it also has higher sensitivity than mAbs. Moreover, polyclonal antibodies recognize more epitopes than mAbs and may be more sensitive than mAbs. Regardless of whether it is a monoclonal antibody or a polyclonal antibody, this test can detect anti-HEV antibodies.

Double-antigen sandwich ELISA has been used to detect low levels of antibodies against several pathogens. The double-antigen sandwich ELISA involves the binding of specific antibodies present in serum to an immobilized antigen on a solid phase. The remaining antigen-binding site is free to bind to a labeled soluble antigen, which is used as the detector reagent. The double-antigen sandwich ELISA has also been evaluated for use in identifying cattle naturally infected with A. marginale or vaccinated against A. centrale.

double antigen sandwich elisa

PCV2 antibodies were detected in the serum samples of pigs at 10 days post-inoculation using HBDS-ELISA, a technique based on chemically conjugated antigens. This method can detect PCV antibodies three days earlier than a commercial indirect ELISA kit. The detection of antibodies to PCV2 is fast and reliable, and the results are readily available within 90 minutes. The double antigen sandwich ELISA is a valuable tool for swine industry professionals.

Double antigen sandwich ELISA is a valuable tool for diagnosis and monitoring the spread of a disease. Its sensitivity and specificity are very high, and the detection limit of this test is less than 100 ng/mL. Compared to the IC test, the sandwich ELISA has a 96.6% positive predictive value, 100% negative predictive value, and 99% sensitivity.

In the case of SARS, the double antigen sandwich ELISA has been effective for screening the disease. It can detect antibodies even in samples of comminuted meat. During the SARS outbreak, this method was effective in detecting antibodies against B. cereus and other pathogens in the blood. It can detect the infection in a low concentration of 0.9x103 cells per mL of phosphate buffered saline.

DS2 Automated Laboratory ELISA

The DS2 Automated Laboratory ELISA is an open system that is designed for virtually any ELISA application. It is perfect for infectious disease, clinical diagnostics, food safety and drugs-of-abuse testing. This instrument is easy to use with its DS-MatrixTM software, which offers a simple graphical user interface and intuitive operation. It can process 192 samples in a single run.

The DS2 ELISA system offers automation, responsiveness and immediacy, making it the perfect choice for physicians' offices, low-throughput labs, and other labs. Its DS2 software supports a variety of assay parameters, OD read settings, results calculation, and report formats. DS2 is built to last. It has been proven reliable in over 3,500 labs worldwide, and its low cost of ownership makes it a great investment.

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